Documentation necessary for the destruction of a vehicle

You must present the corresponding documentation correctly to proceed with the disposal of your vehicle.

A) The holder is an individual

1.- Circulation permit
2.- Technical sheet
3.- ID of the holder in force
4.- Authorization of the holder in case of not being able to sign the certificate of destruction. With the ID of both in force

B) The owner is a company

1.- Circulation permit
2.- Technical sheet
3.- Representation model of legal persons
4.- Photocopy of the company’s CIF
5.- DNI of all the administrators of the company in force
6.- Authorization of all administrators to one of them or to the authorized person designated to sign the authorization
7.- Cancellation request signed by the administrator and authorized, stamped with the stamp of the company

C) The owner is deceased

1.- Request the person who delivers the vehicle to provide the Responsible Declaration Model (model attached)
2.- DNI of the person delivering the vehicle
3.- Vehicle documentation
4.- Death certificate

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