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Our scrapyard is dedicated to the sale of spare care parts and we are specialized in vehicles less than 6 years old. Currently, we also stock large cylinder motorcycles parts. 
Every vehicle that enters our company goes through an exhaustive process of checking all its parts with a diagnostic machine to guarantee their correct operation. 
For this reason, our spare parts come with a 2 year guarantee or 40,000 km. We also stock new spare parts at very competitive prices.
We ensure that all our parts reach our customers in optiomal condition. That’s why we use our premium packaging: each part in its own box.

Our quality processes meet with the ISO 9001:2015 guarentee seal, we are fully committed to the environment, complying with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental quality seal.

Our scrapyards in Granada and Jaén have all kinds of parts and accessories from lighting, front bodywork, interior bodywork, side bodywork, rear bodywork, air conditioning, electricity, gearboxes, complete scrapping engine, window regulators, steering, among others.
That’s why we have become one of the leading scrapyards in Spain, in used or new car spare parts, for any vehicle.


Sell your car at the best price, easily, quickly and effortlessly. In Motocoche we offer you a free valuation. We specialized in vehicles taht are less than 6 years old.

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Motocoche is a company specialized in the treatment of car scrapping and the sale of spare parts for automobiles created in Granada in 1991. We are also the first Authorized Center in Granada for the Treatment of End-of-Life Vehicles (CAT) or what is the same, the first approved scrapping in Granada.

We are known for taking care of even the smallest detail in the treatment of car scrapping in order to create a used, recycled car parts store that works perfectly. In addition, we have a complete stock of new spare parts for cars from the main companies. The quality, safety and perfect functioning of the parts is our main commitment.


Here is a brief summary of the process that we take into account when scrapping cars, to later recycle car parts that work perfectly in other vehicles.

  • To start the scrapping process, our specialists receive the vehicle, identify it with the chassis number and do a complete verification of the number with the documentation provided.
  • The vehicle is decommissioned in the local traffic authorities, we prepare the certificate of destruction for the vehicle due to the end of its useful life.
  • We take photographs to incorporate them into the computerized file.
  • We check the mechanics and evaluate the condition of the engine and the automatic gearbox using a diagnostic machine. Then the status of the rest of the vehicle’s systems and their status are checked to verify the correct operation of the electric windows, air conditioning compressor, alternator, etc. click here to see verification video
  • Once the engine has been checked, advanced systems are used to extract polluting liquids such as air conditioning fluid, fuel, oil, antifreeze or solid elements such as filters, batteries, catalysts, etc.
After removing all the polluting elements from the vehicle, the disassembly or scrapping of cars begins, cleaning the reusable parts individually to verify the condition and quality of each part, discarding all those that do not meet our quality standards.

Once the working parts go through the scrapping process and have been recycled and selected, they are transfered to storage where our experts take photographs of the product, its characteristics are checked and it is transferred to our database to make it available to our customers. Our service is based on marketing both in the physical workshop and in the online store.

Motocoche, having an online store service for used and new spare parts, has a wide distribution coverage thanks to the fact that it has an important transport network that guarantees, with total safety and speed,  of part delivery, at very affordable prices.
Our optimized work process allows us to offer an excellent service and a exceptionaly beneficial final price for our clients.
We put all the existing means and technologies to achieve an exhaustive review of each of the vehicle’s systems and components, guaranteeing that the parts pass the quality controls and work correctly.


Reuse, decontamination and recycling are the principles of environmental sustainability with which we work.

At Motocoche we have incorporated into our business culture the most efficient processes of ecological treatment and recycling of vehicles.

We have the endorsement of the most prestigious ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality seals, being pioneers in obtaining them, and we are also a collaborating member of the environmental protection network.